The Jonas Guide to Yorkshire Slang

It can be a little tough to navigate the language here for your first few days in God’s Own County. The dialect can be a little confusing to a fresh set of ears, so here’s a small guide to understanding Yorkshire slang.

Yarkshar – Yorkshire
‘Ow Do – Hello
Nah Then – Hello
‘Ey Up – Hello
Ta – Thanks
Ta’ra – Goodbye
Si’thi’ – Goodbye
T’ – To
Wae – With
Wa’ – Was
Reyt – Very
Hendo’s – An excellent condiment which goes on everything
Up Road – Down the Road
Nowt – Nothing
Down Town – Heading into the city centre
Tha’ – You
Tha’sen – Yourself
Nesh – Someone who gets cold easily
Duck – Term of endearment
Love – Term of endearment
Snicket – Alleyway
Jennel – Also an alleyway
Shorts Weather – Above 8°c
Mashin’ – Making a cup of tea
Addled – Intoxicated
Got Face On – In a bad mood
Chuffin’ ‘Eck – Expressing surprise
Scarborough Warning – A last minute warning
Scran – Food
Breadcake – Bread roll
Dinner – Lunch
Tea – Dinner
Sarnie – A sandwich
Spice – Confectionary
Lad – A male
Lass – A female
Cadge – To borrow
Chuffed – Pleased
Laiking – Playing, not working
Mardy – Upset/Angry
Full dressin’ – A pork sandwich with everything on
Da’n Pit – Where our Dads used to work

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