We’re all about bringing people together in to our diverse community.

About Jonas Hotel: A space to call home

Jonas Hotel is a space where the needs of diverse groups of people, all travelling away from home, can be met. It welcomes students, travellers, business guests, and visiting academics; all of whom are united by their need to find a space to call home in the city of Sheffield, be it for a day or six months. Most of all, we’d like to welcome you.

We’re all about bringing people together in to our diverse community, that’s why you’ll find most of our ground floor has been crafted into a vibrant and stylish social space. Whether you’re a contractor sharing a brew with a student over breakfast, or a business guest sharing a beer over a game of pool with a perpetual backpacker, we encourage our guests to share their life experiences with each other.

If you’re with us for less than 7 nights, you’ll be a hotel guest. If your stay is longer than that you’ll be a stay a while guest. Pretty simple, right? The two are pretty similar, except you’ll pay a bit less if you’re staying for longer. For full details about each package, just click on the links in the previous sentences.

We are part of WithUS, which is operated by The University of Sheffield, and we do our best to work towards a sustainable future.
Find out more about the sustainability work carried out across the University.


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